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Always Make The Mistake

Graydon James


There’s a river I see from my room

That calls a young man to his doom
If he hangs his head he’s gone too soon
Oh youth does not make you immune
The past is not burdened with proof
Like the films I recall from my youth
The young man dressed in his father’s suit
I can make a lie from the hardest truth

I always make the mistake oh I
Always make the mistake

You were drawn to the clouds in his eyes
Lord knows what you saw in mine
A promise we could compromise
Oh love is a foolish prize
We could claim a great many things
You were the song I needed to sing
The truth was you always wore his ring
And we were only borrowing


There’s a river I see from my room
And I walk through the pale afternoon
And the birds still sing, I recall the tune
Perhaps I will see you soon...
Perhaps I will see you soon.