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Clyde and His Clippers

Lyal Strickland

Clyde and his clippers messin’ up the floor
Been cuttin’ the boy’s hair since the spring of ’54
Not anymore
Sure wasn’t no big dream, tiny little store
But it kept him fed and kept him honest to the core
Not anymore

Ghost on the sidewalk wearing pretty thin
Wasting away waiting for folks to come back in
Saying where ya been? how ya been, my friend?

Lost his business when the big box came in
But he didn’t close her down just took it on the chin
Now where ya been?
Shopping and groceries and banking held within
They even got a little hair place with two chairs like twins
Now where ya been?


Clyde and his clippers open every day ’til two
Not that it matters ‘cause they all just pass right through
Now what’d ya do?
Square’s near empty it’s looking awful blue
Banged up and burnt up it‘s feelin’ kinda used
Now what’d ya do?


Clyde and his clippers sweeping up the floor
Ain’t been much hair there for 20 years or more