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Gone For A Weekend

Lyal Strickland

Gone for a weekend, gone too long
Gone somewhere to find yourself but you found it all wrong
Not a golden locket, not a pretty little chain
Not a handful of careless months till you got that diamond ring

And I wanted you to know, you’re not alone
Wish you the best, but you’ve probably guessed
There’s something more, it’s just this
Honey you’re missed

You and me got a history, and everything but a family
Broken homes don’t you see never kept out the rain
It’s not your fault, it’s not his fault
But if this is your call then I’m walking away


You are the love of my life and I see you in another man’s eyes
And I want to hide 

Now and then I sit alone and I’m a little bit misery prone
There’s things that could save my soul, but they won’t take hold
I won’t come out now and I’ll get by somehow
You’ll never how I can break my own heart
Check on you from time to time, just  a little romantic crime
I love it when you cross that line, but there’s no hope now


There’s something more, it’s just this
Miss your kiss