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It'll Shine When It Shines

John Dillion and Steve Cash

The old cat on the roof
He could stand a little push
’Cause he’s got
Nine good lives to live

But like my mama said
You only live til you’re dead
And you got to give
And give, and give

There’s a pebble in the pond
Going on and on
Making waves and tides
And ripples and rain

Seems like everyone is out
Looking for the sun
Singing rain and pain
On he who hesitates
But it’ll shine when it shines
You might think I’m wasting time
But I’m just a good old boy
Who’s learned to wait

There’s a leaf in the wind
That don’t know where to end
Chasing days and ways
And wishes and dreams

Whippoorwill’s in the dawn
Pretty soon he’ll be gone
‘Cause he’s got one good song to sing

But like my daddy said
It’s in your heart not your head
And you’ve got to sing
And sing, and sing


There’s a window in the wall
Looking out on it all
Leaving fears and tears
And troubles alone

There’s a fire in the stove
Keeping out the cold
Warming wine and winters
And babies and homes