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Settle In

Lyal Strickland

I guess I might Give up on love
We never get along ‘cause this road I’m on
It is no home
Can’t take the hurt
Trying to be clean When I feel like dirt
It’s best if I’m on my own

90 miles an hour Down the interstate
Changing lanes tempting fate
My attempt to roam
Away from her into the arms Of a waiting world

I’m on my own terms again
Path of sin
With a chance of redemption
If I ever settle in

My poor sick Mom
My broke down Dad
Things wouldn’t have to
Be so bad
If they would just atone
I tried my best to keep the peace But I failed that test
They’re on their own

No model of love Save for the child
Living on the road Both meek and wild
I’m on my own


That pretty girl
From the bar last night
She’s got me feeling alright
It’s nothing I should condone
But I can’t take it back
Now all I have to do is pack
Then I’ll be on my own


Never wanted This kind of love
Always wanted To be someone to trust
But now all I’m doing isPicking up dust on a
Path of sin with a Chance of redemption
If I ever settle in
Path of sin with a Chance of redemption
If I ever settle in